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Fic: "To Find Shamballa", Chapter Seven, part one

Title: To Find Shamballa
Pairing: Edward Elric x Alfons Heiderich
Side Pairings: Alphonse Elric x Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang x Sheska, onesided Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye
Rating: G-NC-17
Summary: Alfons Heiderich had gone to Transylvania to pursue his passion, and maybe find a way to help save his tattered country. Little did he know that he would find Edward Elric. 
Beta this chapter: wen_renee
Thanks: To everyone who has taken the time to read, speak to me about, and beta this story! Without all of you, I would not even have half the confidence I do now about this story, or as much of the drive to keep this monster of a story going! I can't thank you guys enough!!!
Note: This is the remake of the entire Movie arc. This is heavy DIVERGENCE. This is EXTREME DIVERGENCE. DIVERGENCE WITH A CAPITAL DIVERGENCE xD This will also be posted on, but that is the cut version of this story. The complete unedited version is LJ only.

 Prologue    Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five    Chapter Six

Transylvania, 1921
“You said you yelled something in a foreign language when you got the fever.”
            Alfons nodded. God, were they really talking about this? The only one he had spoken to about this was his mother… “Yeah. The first time I got it, anyway. It was in English, strangely enough. I didn’t even know English as a little boy—to be honest, the reason I started studying it in the first place was because of this exact thing.”
            To understand what in the hell I was saying, back then…but even so, my English still isn’t that good, is it? I have a long way to go…
            “There was a second time you got the fever?” Ed asked.
            “I got it three times.” God his throat felt dry. He needed to drink something. Anything…anything to keep that scratchiness out of it!! “Once when I was 10, another time when I was fourteen, and then the final time was two months after that. I only turned fifteen a month ago, actually…Though…considering what I had dreamt about, afterwards…it was sort of strange that I had said what I said.”
            “What did you say?”    
            Alfons let out a shaky laugh and lowered his eyes again. There was no way he was going to believe him at this point. Hell, he wasn’t believing himself.   “I said…”
            He took a deep breath.
It was now or never…he’d best just say it…
            Edward Elric then fell backwards, landing on the floor with a loud, unceremonious thump.
“Brother, huh…?”
            Edward wasn’t looking at him anymore. Golden eyes were already down, bangs falling over his face, obscuring it…his body was limp, like ragged spaghetti on the floor, staring at nothing, but his mind was most likely whirling. Right hand shaking, left twitching…how was it that a prosthetic hand could twitch, anyway? Was the mechanism starting to malfunction? With the way Edward was acting, it was perfectly possible that he had not gone to see a decent mechanic in ages…but what were the chances of anyone in this day and age being good enough to repair prosthetics that were most likely cleverly disguised automail?
            I’d still like to take a good look at them, just once…
            Alfons swallowed hard, nodding, though he was sure that Edward was unable to see him, in any case.
            “Yes,” he whispered. “That’s what I said.”
            “But that can’t be right. You didn’t know English, right? Why the hell would you be spouting it off when you don’t even fucking know it?”
            Now it was Alfons’s turn to clench a fist, lowering his eyes again.
            “I don’t know, Edward. I don’t know at all. I don’t even understand any of this, if it makes you feel better. You suddenly showing up here, my dreams, all of this…”
            You don’t make any sense. You don’t make any semblance of sense, Edward, and you’re the one talking as if I’m the one who’s crazy?
            “You seem pretty calm for someone who doesn’t understand.” Ed snapped.
            Alfons couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Am I? I’ve been going crazy ever since you got here.”
            “Didn’t seem that way to me.”
            “Unlike some people, I don’t let my innermost thoughts get in the way of my work.”
            “When did I do that?!”
            “When you kept storming out of the room instead of actually working, rather going off to mope by yourself instead of just dealing with the problem.”
            “The hell would you know about dealing with a problem?! You’ve probably never gone through anything in your life!”
            Never gone through anything…who the hell does he think he is?!
            Never gone through anything…
            Ever since his the war started…
            Ever since his father and brother left to go to war…
Munich, 1917
Alfons Heiderich: Age 12
Dieter Heiderich: Age: 15
            “Alfons…I’m gonna have to go.”
            Alfons wiped his tears on the back of his sleeve, back straight, shaking…his heart was going a mile a minute, even though he was sitting stationary on the other side of the bed. His brother was so close…so warm. He was almost close enough to touch…But he couldn’t reach his hand out…couldn’t touch him…
            “Bruder…er, Dieter…are you sure? It’s dangerous to go out to war.”
            He spoke softly…gently, even when giving that normal goofy grin of his. God, how could he do that? He was thin, raily…dorky as they came and he looked more like their uncle than their father, but even when being serious, he could still be warm and silly at the same time…it was like his older brother had come home, after all those years.
            It’s like the Dieter that existed after the war started had went away…and the older brother that he knew was back home.
            “Father’s already fighting, Alfons. He’s a professor, and yet he threw everything aside to fight in the war. I need to do that too. As a man, it’s my pride and duty to go out and serve my country. You’re still young…so you have to do what you can to protect Mom, okay?”
            Alfons nodded. “S-so…when you’re gone…” he wasn’t going to cry. He wasn’t going to cry… “When you’re gone…I’m going to be the man of the house, right?”
            He was still smiling. It was like when Dieter smiled, the entire house was alight in a glow…it was like nothing else mattered anymore, so long as he was smiling and making them laugh. He had thought that before the war, his smile was all he needed, but…
            All this fighting had gone and taken it away.
            But here it was…back again.
            “Yep. So you better take good care of everything while I’m away, okay? Make sure not to cry.”
            Alfons’s eyes were already watering, but he was wiping the tears away before his brother could see them.
            “I won’t cry. I won’t! I won’t cry! I’ll be strong—just like Edward!”
            Just like Edwa—Oh HELL.
            “Ah…um…Eduard! I read about him in a book!”
            Nice save, Alfons. There was no way talking about Edward would do the situation any good, even when his brother was back to ‘normal’ again. Mention something as childish as that, and the ‘other side’ would be back.
            Alfons didn’t want to think about how his brother would look at him if he knew about those dreams…
            The younger Heiderich’s gut clenched tightly, and he almost shut his eyes, anticipating what he knew was inevitable…
            But he kept his gaze on his older brother, swallowing hard and blushing…
            He knew what he was going to see…but…
            Dieter’s eyes only grew softer. There wasn’t that laugh that he usually gave him when he was reading…there wasn’t that look anymore.
            “This is why I can’t stay in school anymore, Alfons. I’m not smart like you; you’re the one who understands all those books, not me. I wanted to go to school so I could avoid fighting in the war…so I could stay home and look after you and Mom. But you’ve grown so much, Alfons. You don’t need me anymore…and I’m proud that you’re my baby brother.”
            “But I do need you,” Alfons wanted to shout, “We need you, brother! Who else is going to cheer us up when we cry? Who else is going to laugh at my unbearably bad jokes?”
            But he stayed silent, watching his brother and trying his damndest not to cry, cry long and hard and make himself look like a girl…
            “Alfons…” The elder Heiderich scooted forward…and suddenly warm arms were wrapped around Alfons, pushing the little one towards a thin chest. Too thin…not strong, like his father’s, or soft, like his mothers…thin, bony. A lot like his.
            His older brother, he who had turned away all affection since this damn war started…
            Was hugging him again.
            Was hugging him and even stroking his hair in that way he always did when they were little.
            Just like Mom.
            His brother had always been the closest to Mom, no matter how much both he and his father had said that it was Alfons that resembled her the most…
            “I’m going to miss you. But I promise I will come home. I’ll come home and I’ll even have a girlfriend to bring home, how about that?”
            Alfons couldn’t hold it back anymore.
            He cried…wailed… into his brother’s shirt, wrapping his arms tightly around his waist, hugging hard enough to never let go.
            “Alfons…” the voice in his hair was a whisper…he almost couldn’t hear it. “I love you, little brother.”
            “I love you too, big brother…”
            That night, they had slept in the same bed, just like old times…never truly sleeping until late in the night, hiding under the blanket and telling old stories, laughing, tickling each other…but there was still that sadness in their eyes…the tears that almost spilled (and did spill, many times, from Alfons’s eyes…)…
            For tomorrow, Alfons’s older brother, the eldest son of the Heiderich family…
            …would be going off to war.


                       (On to Part 2...)
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